22 July 2008

What do the stars think about us?

The Sun returns to its home sign today, roaring its way into heart-centered Leo at 6:54 am EDT. The midsummer Sun exhibits the true power of intent, relentlessly showing up high in the sky day after day. In a way, we can all be like flowers in full bloom now, boldly demonstrating our beauty. Mercury's easy trine to electric Uranus enables us to flash our intelligence, yet the dreamy Pisces Moon reminds us that what's hidden is also important.text:here


CMP said...

I believe they think that we are ants that do not have time to contemplate them!

Madalena said...

And that's what we really are!!!!
Ant Célia, Good Night! The stars above you are wishing you sweet dreams!
And so am I.
Signed: Ant Madalena

CMP said...

: ) Thanks! This night I had sweet dreams. It's not normal. The wishes of the stars and yours had resulted!
Ant Célia.