11 August 2010

Exeter Cathedral

This Cathedral was a site of Christian workship since Roman times. It is still a place where prayers are said and sung every day. It is a full of beauty and holiness. Like they say:"May God bless you."

Devon and Cornwall - Chocolate Muffins and Scones

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7 August 2010

If you're going to Portimão...

... Be sure to wear blue and take part of a blue celebration!
Portimão is decorated in blue to honour Manuel Teixeira Gomes, born in Portimão 150 years ago.
He was a remarkable man. He was a writer and a politician. He was the seventh President of Portugal, from August 1923 to December 1925. People from Portimão proudly remember this good man and dedicate this month to the celebration of his memory. Blue August is also the name of one of his books.