28 February 2009

Hey, March, are you there?

"If March comes in like a lion, it will go out like a lamb."

24 February 2009

The purple cow, again

Now I can assure you that purple cows do exist!

A Purple Cow?

I never saw a Purple Cow,
I never hope to see one,
But I can tell you, anyhow,
I'd rather see than be one!

Gelett Burgess (1866-1951)

I swear I never saw a purple cow, but I also swear that I've seen very funny cows

21 February 2009

Frederico Gil

Frederico Gil (born March 24, 1985 in Lisbon, Portugal is a Portuguese tennis player who competes on the ATP tour. He has a career-high singles ranking of #83 which he achieved in February 2009. He turned professional in 2003 and made his ATP tour debut in 2006 at the Estoril Open after spending several years on the "Challenger" and "Futures" circuits.

Pavarotti and U2

I hope you like it. : )

Today- International Mother Language Day

Why can't the English teach their children how to speak?
This verbal class distinction by now should be antique.
If you spoke as she does, sir, Instead of the way you do,
Why, you might be selling flowers, too.
An Englishman's way of speaking absolutely classifies him,
The moment he talks he makes some other
Englishman despise him.
One common language I'm afraid we'll never get.
Oh, why can't the English learn to set
A good example to people whose
English is painful to your ears?
The Scotch and the Irish leave you close to tears.
There even are places where English completely
disappears. In America, they haven't used it for years!
Why can't the English teach their children how to speak?
Norwegians learn Norwegian; the Greeks have taught their
Greek. In France every Frenchman knows
his language fro "A" to "Zed"
The French never care what they do, actually,
as long as they pronounce in properly.
Arabians learn Arabian with the speed of summer lightning.
And Hebrews learn it backwards,
which is absolutely frightening.
But use proper English you're regarded as a freak.
Why can't the English,
Why can't the English learn to speak?
source: My Fair Lady

21 February

17 February 2009

Miss you, dear Raz!


Founded nearly a millennium ago and expanded upon over the centuries since, the Tower of London has protected, housed, imprisoned and been for many the last sight they saw on Earth.
It has been the seat of British government and the living quarters of monarchs ... the site of renown political intrigue, and the repository of the Crown Jewels ... It has housed lions, bears, and (to this day) flightless ravens ... not to mention notorious traitors and framed members of court, lords and ministers, clergymen and knights.

15 February 2009

14 February 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

"Love is not about loving the perfect person but loving the imperfect person perfectly."Jack Spicer

12 February 2009

11 February 2009

6 February 2009


Friends are like shoes, some loose, some tight and fit just right.... Thanks for being my size! This means:thanks for being my friend!

5 February 2009

4 February 2009

3 February 2009



Friends are like street lights along the road. They don't make the distance any shorter, but they light up the path and make the walk worthwhile.

...a roof for the rain...

It's a part of this blessing:
“May you always have walls for the winds, a roof for the rain, tea beside the fire, laughter to cheer you, those you love near you and all your heart might desire.”(Irish Blessing)

2 February 2009

Good night!

"There is only one thing people like that is good for them; a good night's sleep" Edgar Watson Howe

1 February 2009


February was named after the Latin term februum, which means purification, via the purification ritual Februa held on February 15 in the old Roman calendar. January and February were the last two months to be added to the Roman calendar, since the Romans originally considered winter a monthless period. February remained the last month of the calendar year until the time of the decemvirs (c. 450 BC), when it became the second month.