3 August 2008

Meet them in Zaragoza

Fluvi is a courageous and funny little drop of water. He will shape a greener and less polluted world with a little help from his friends. Together with his faithful best friend Ica and their friends Nico and Laurita, they will live fantastic adventures to counterbalance the disasters caused by Sec.
Ica is Fluvi's best friend. She thinks saving the world is good fun, but it scares her a little as she is the smallest drop of water and Fluvi takes too many risks.
Sec was a humble slub before contaminated waste changed him into what he is today: an evil being who wants to make everything filthy and vile.
Nico is a six years old boy. One day, he discovered Fluvi by accident and ever since they have been inseparable. Nico is very brave, although he always arrives late and can't stand having a sister who spends so much time in the bathroom.
Laurita is Nico's sister and one of Fluvi and Ica's best friends. Although she is cheeky, capricious and lazy, she is a good friend, flirty and very optimistic.
Raspa was a peaceful slub before he changed into what he is today. He is Sec's foolish henchman, and the only thing he wants in life is to please his boss.
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CMP said...

You had a very good ideia Ant Mada.What an interesting post...and we are in "Público" website again! : ) Cool!

CMP said...

Thanks, Ant Mada!