29 August 2008

The naughty elephant

Have you heard about naughty boys and girls? Do they really exist? I can listen to your "Yes, they do".
have you heard about naughty tigers or naughty lions? Do they really exist? I can listen your "No!"
But I can assure you that there are naughty elephants! Baby elephants, of course! If you don't believe in me, try this news from Sri Lanka. As you can see naughty elephants are those who disobey their parents. This elephant tried to run away from home and fell into a well. "All's well that ends well!" The baby elephant was saved by the people from the village. The baby animal is safe now, near Mum Elephant and Dad Elephant. They made him promise to behave well, from now on!

Image source here


CMP said...

Only in Sri Lanka! This couldn't happen in Portugal, of course. : )Poor little baby!

Anonymous said...

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