7 August 2008

Time to read poetry again

Wait on! Yes, I fell on that desert strand, at that dread hour
Which God concedes to his own
For the interval in which the soul is steeped
In dreams which themselves are God.

But what matters the sandy shore, and death and misadventure,
If I kept myself with God?
It is He that I dreamed myself as who is everlasting,
It is as This One that I shall return.

Fernando Pessoa, in Message, translated by Mike Harland
A legend tells that the young King Sebastian didn't die in Alcacer-Quibir ans that one foggy morning he may return. That's why we Portuguese People are so good at waiting. All the solutions will be brought by Sebastian. Eça de Queirós said that even the lottery is a kind of sebastianism!The statue of King Sebastian, in Lagos.

1 comment:

CMP said...

Yes, we are good at waiting, Ant Mada...but only sometimes...
"Sebastianism" is an excuse to keep our best smile : )