30 September 2008

Happy birthday, Raz!

Happy Birthday Raz! I hope you can wear something lighter and go dancing with Ant Célia! You both deserve some very sweet moments! I brought a chocolate cake! I wish you like chocolate!
Happy Birthady!


raz said...

A short poem about thanks...an ant thanks ;)

Thanks for being there
Always being so aware
Thanks for being near when I needed you here
Thanks for staying so close when I needed you the most

Thanks for the love your rain on me like a dove
Always seeming as if you are from right above
Thanks for the times you seem to help me enjoy love

Thanks for being here when I need someone near
Thanks for being there
Also for being so fair

Thanks for saying hi
When they all shouted good-bye
Thanks for giving me the time of day
When all your friends didn’t bother to say hey

widelene ermat

CMP said...

Hi, my dear Ant Mada. Thanks for your birthday post. We loved...and I discovered that my husband likes poetry... :)