28 October 2008

Have a very happy life!

After a lot of hard work, the deserved and wished moment came. It's the beginning of a new life Enjoy your family and your friends (us!) every minute of your day. Be happy, Teresa!


CMP said...

What a beautiful post, my dear Ant Mada!
Dear Teresa enjoy your life because our life is the best we can have.
Kisses and smile !

Anonymous said...

Thank´s Mada. You are a good friend and I think I have very good friens at school. I had my first day of a new life and I hope to have health and the joy to (and a teacher) for a new blog and the famous book.
Now I wish to take care of Tomás and Leonor (May/09), but I have lot's of projects for my future, day by day, You know what I mean! Excuse my writing but it´s the best I can do. Thank you for be my true friend.

balbina said...

Dear Teresa, I Wish the best for you!!! Enjoy your new life and be happy!!!