19 November 2008

A Caged Bird

I know what it feels like,
God, but I wish I didn't.
A caged bird.
Clipped wings....never to fly anywhere.
Looking out at life, but,
Not experiencing....
Not spreading those wings
And flying, flying, flying....
Soaring about the clouds,
Laughing like you have never laughed before.
Knowing that you used me, like you wanted to.
But I feel bubbly just thinking about you.
And you feel, well, I just don't know.
I know that we are suited.
Meant to be together.
Meant to be soulmates.....
Because I am no longer a caged bird,
You set me free.....
God it feels so good.

by Pamela Folks

1 comment:

Madalena said...

Even when it is made of gold it is a cage.... Hug!