25 January 2009

Back from the Algarve

It seems to me that winter will end soon, very soon, in the Algarve! I don't know if this is an almond tree. But I know that almond trees come into blossom when the winter goes and spring comes...
I didn't know the legend of these trees either. But now I know and I can tell it to you:
Once upon a time there was a young prince who lived in the Al-Gharb. One day he fell in love with Gilda and married her. She was from nothern Europe and she remained sad all the time during the wedding. And she remained very sad after the marriage. Some thought that Gilda could be very sick, till the day she saw the landscape covered with a kind of snow made of flowers.Then she smiled and the prince understood that she had been homesick.
From that moment on, Gilda knew that she could see the "snow" every year, every February.

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CMP said...

...and spring comes...I love spring and summer!