9 July 2009

I Want To Change The world

I want to change the world
I want to impact it so deep
That I reach the core
I want to change the meaning of peace
To something permanent
I want to open doors
And shut out doubt
I want the past to dissolve
It makes my ears bleed
Mistakes linked in memory
Times so hard the world shakes in its boots

I want to change the world
The sun rises and then sets
But leaves its mark before it goes
It creates life and growth
The moon brings serenity and mystery
Both bring death too
I want the growth to shine through
But erase the death
I want to change the world
But I would not dare change the past

by Allyson Bogan Change Poems

1 comment:

Madalena said...

This is you, my dear Ant Célia. This is you today! This is not you yesterday. This is not you tomorrow. Do you believe in me? Tomorrow, you will not feel the wish of changing the world. Big hug! I'll miss you but I will feel happy whenever I can hear from you. This "House of Ants" mus go on!