21 September 2009

Adrian Mole

"I took off my clothes and examined myself carefully in the wardrobe mirror this morning. My front view is quite nice. My shoulders are slightly stooped, my pectorals are perhaps lacking definition, but I am still above average in the looks department. However, my profile leaves a lot to be desired and, yes, Mohammed, my old schoolfriend, you spoke the simple truth: in profile, I do look five months pregnant. My belly, once a discreet concave, is now distinctly convex. How did this happen without my noticing? "
Sue Townsend published another volume in the Adrian Mole diaries. The Lost Diaries of Adrian Mole, 1999-2001, was published in hardcover in 2008!
It´s very cool! Try it!

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Madalena said...

I love these diaries! I got your message. Noemia told me about your prescription! Thanks a lot my dear Ant Célia. In October I will get better. I know it!