16 October 2009

Hair Colour and Personality: What Does Your Hair Colour Say About You?

We’ve all heard the dumb blonde jokes and know the most common hair colour stereotypes. Are hair color and personality really correlated?

You’re probably aware of the stereotype. Brunettes are reliable, dependable, even tempered, and intelligent. Few studies are really able to measure whether brunettes are actually more reliable or dependable than their blonde and red headed counterparts, but no study that’s looked at intelligence and hair color has found an association up to this point. Interesting enough, this stereotype still exists with surveys showing that the vast majority of both men and women consider brunettes to be more intelligent as well as more stable and well grounded. Over half of men report that they find brunettes to be more attractive than their blonde counterparts. Whether or not these stereotypes hold true, the brunette gets credit for a variety of admirable traits. When famous brunettes come to mind such as Catherine Zeta Jones, Eva Longoria, and Penelope Cruz, it’s hardly surprising that brunettes are considered to be desirable.

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