22 October 2009

Visiting Mafra

"Built at the orders of Dom João V in fulfilment of a vow made to God for the granting of an heir, this is the most important baroque monument in Portugal.
Built in the local lias limestone, the monument consists of a series of buildings occupying a total area of 38,000m2, including a basilica, a royal palace and a
Franciscan monastery."

Dare! Go and feel what I feel whenever I go there, It's a kind og magic place: the nature around and the monument seem to be built at the same time, under the orders of the same "architect".The Library: the bats are responsable for the conservation of the books.


CMP said...

A beautiful place to visit. I must go there.Ant Raz will love it.

Filomena Barata said...

Uma das fantásticas Bibliotecas do mundo. Viram os morcegos?

raz said...

we must go there

Only one photo conquers me ;)