25 January 2010

London is great:Big Ben

Its real name is St Stephen's Tower, but everybody knows this impressive tower as Big Ben. Ben is a nickname for Benjamin. It seems that there were two men named Benjamin then. They were both good and "big" and the tower was named after one of them, to pay a tribute to his kindness.
Tall people are usually kind. Big Ben is also kind. Every year it says hello to the New Year to all the people that gathers nearby.


CMP said...

I didn´t know tall people are kind. I'm glad about that.
I want more photos : ) your photos are different : )

Madalena said...

This photo is mine. You are very kind because you're tall. Didn't you know that?

CMP said...

I Knew this photo is yours : )
I didn´t think about that. I am what I am. : )

Filomena Barata said...

Obrigada, não conhecia a história.
A única vez que fui a Londres não consegui dormir sem a ir ver primeiro, mesmo já de noite.
Abraços para vós.