8 July 2010


Cornwall is a lovely place
To live here is just divine
The cliffs are high and mighty
The sea just rages on
It’s also so mysterious
As many people know
It guards so many secrets
Or so I have been told
Don’t ever trust the sea they say!
Treat it with great respect
Many people lose their lives
Because of their neglect
To be a Cornish person
To live in it’s fair place
You’ll never move from Cornwall
Never with any great haste



Madalena said...

Holidays? Plans? Dreams? Poetry? Please, tell me. lol kiss

CMP said...


CMP said...

Mada it was great. So great I can't speak about this yet. I must feel. I loved, english people are very different from the scotish. they are very very polite. Tomorrow I'll get some really photos. Kisses