12 October 2010

Forty years ago...

Forty years ago I landed in Lisbon.
Lisbon was a kind of a myth for those who lived so far away as I lived. My mom used to tell me stories about a sophisticated town, about ladies wearing gloves and hats, about kind gentleman, about a lake where lovers could sail...
I knew nothing about a Portuguese feeling named "saudade". One month later that feeling was part of me.
Here I am, paying my tribute to this wonderful town. It is also my town. It's one of my towns.

1 comment:

CMP said...

Querida Formiga, está lindo o teu texto. Lisboa é linda, assim como tu.
Sabias que acho Lisboa muito bonita, mas que a associo sempre a maus cheiros? Tenho que sentir o cheiro das suas flores na Primavera para ver se isto me passa.