27 December 2008

Facts about Santa Claus

Santa Claus and Mrs Santa live in Korvatunturi in Finnish Lapland. A great number of elves and reindeer live there, too. Korvatunturi is a peculiar place: you can see it in every map, but it is very, very difficult to know the way there.There is a large main building in which there are a spacious dining room, a huge library, Mrs Santa’s kitchen, and many other interesting rooms. There is, of course, a present-workshop and a very mysterious present-store, too
Korvatunturi is a suitable dwelling place for Santa Claus, because all children’s wishes can be heard there. That is why it has got its name Korvatunturi. That means: the ear-mountain. Besides, there is much space for Santa’s reindeer and hidden places for the elves. The reindeer and the elves are good friends and helpers of Santa’s. But from where has Santa Claus come to Korvatunturi? That is a secret. Nobody knows the answer. Not even Santa Claus himself. Sometimes, in the long white hours of the nightless Midsummer night, Santa Claus thinks of St Nicholas, the patron saint of the poor. Two thousand years ago St Nicholas sailed from remote Rome to the North and helped people - like Santa Claus today.
Some tens of years ago the Finnish Broadcasting Company, in a programme for children, revealed the situation of Santa’s dwelling place. Since that many, many people have wanted to visit there. Santa Claus had nothing against it, but he thought that Korvatunturi is quite a remote and hidden place for so many people to visit. That is why Santa Claus let build his Workshop Village at the Polar Circle, in the fringes of Rovaniemi city. There is also his cosy Chamber where he meets people from all over the world. Santa Claus likes to come by his chamber every day. He wants to meet all people who have come to visit there.
Santa Claus’ Main Post Office is there at the Polar Circle, too. The communication and traffic services are much better there than in the far-away, outlying area of Korvatunturi. But how is it possible that Santa Claus gets so rapidly from Korvatunturi to the Polar Circle and from the Polar Circle to Korvatunturi? Nobody knows. The great fjelds conceal the secret. Sometimes people have seen him jump to the sledge of Rudolf the reindeer. Sometimes he has simply disappeared from his chamber, maybe through the fireplace. There is on the mantelpiece a key, and using that key it may be possible to get into secret tunnels that may lead as far as Korvatunturi. But these are only assumptions.
In every case, there is a lot of mystery and magic in real, genuine Santa Claus.