28 December 2008

A letter from Santa to Ant Célia

Dear Ant Célia
I've been checking my list and then I had my elves check it twice, and I see that you have been a good "girl" this year!
I know you are getting "big"! Even though some days it has been difficult to be a good girl, I see that you have tried very, very hard! This is why the elves and I have made something special just for you! So try very hard to be as good as you can til Christmas!
Since I don't have time to write to every little boy and girl on my list, please remind other ants to be good as well.
I will soon be on my way to visit your house in Barreiro. I am arriving now from my long journey to the home of the many good little boys and girls all around the world!
You must wait a little while!
Enjoy New Year!