21 May 2009

Do you prefer this one?

A Mother Giraffe’s Baby-Kiss!

This is your mother’s kiss, my child!
Don’t you worry: things will be fine;
Just eat and sleep and play awhile.

You’ve had your birth on lovely earth;
You’ll take your time to grow up tall;
Soon you’ll become a long-necked beast!

Wait till your legs get strength to stand;
Wait till your bones can make you walk;
Wait till your mouth reaches tree-leaves!

And when you’re tall as your mother,
And children look at you in awe,
You will feel truly, very great!

This is your mother’s kiss of love;
This is your mother’s kiss of pride;
For when you match her neck and stride,
You must bend low too, from above!

Dr. John Celes


CMP said...

It is a lovely poem. Animals feelings can be like ours. Better: animals are much more honest than us.

CMP said...

Can you send me all her draws about giraffes?

Ana Lima said...

As girafas são uns dos meus animais favoritos...