19 May 2009

Who am I?

Of all the animals in the zoo,
I am the tallest. That is true.
Who am I? I am the giraffe.
I am brown and white with a little red,
And I have two knobs on the top of my head.
Who am I? I am a giraffe.
My neck is long, I am very tall,
But I don't have very much voice at all.
Who am I? I am a giraffe.
I have one big ear on each side of my head.
High up in the air is where I am fed.
Who am I? I am a giraffe.
I walk right up to the tallest tree.
And I eat the leaves that are good for me.
Who am I? I am a giraffe.Do you like this one, Ant Célia? My friend Maria Manuel is the artist!

1 comment:

CMP said...

Very cool! Artists have something different. How can she draw a giraffe so nice ?